Patient Name: Janet H.
Health Complaint: Digestive Disorders

I was very ill when I finally found Stephanie.   I had stomach pain that felt like someone had pierced my gut with a sharp knife.   The pain was excruciating, came with no pattern, and kept me awake at night.   I couldn’t eat anything but plain food: oatmeal, breads, tea, etc.   The medical doctor put me on pills and said I needed to take them for the rest of my life, and soon would probably need my gallblatter removed.
I also had mood swings from menopause.   I tried traditional western hormones, herbal treatments, and soy with no relief.
Stephanie recommended dietary changes, supplements, and treated me.
Within weeks I was feeling great.
I’m now free to travel and eat many foods.   I’m have more energy and feel better and more relaxed that I ever have.

Janet H.


Fibromyalgia and Cystic Fibrosis-
Patient Name: Cookie Y.
Health Complaint: Fibromyalgia and Cystic Fibrosis

I have been suffering from FMS and CFS for over 12 years.   I have suffered with debilitating pain, which makes me unable to carry on a full life during my “Golden Years”.
It was suggested that I try acupuncture, but I had no idea where to go.   My Doctor who is acquainted with Stephanie, suggested I make an appointment to talk to her.   I was apprehensive, before and during, my first appointment and interview with Stephanie.
Stephanie’s manner and desire to help me convinced me to try a treatment despite my childhood fear of needles.
I was able to go to my 2 nd treatment without a fear of needles because of Stephanie’s expertise and care.
After 10 weeks of treatment I can’t thank God enough for getting me to Stephanie.

Cookie Y.


Patient Name: Willis N.
Health Complaint: Headaches

I have been suffering from headaches for over 7 years.   Before coming to Acupuncture Point I had been to the Mayo Clinic, and many other doctors.   I couldn’t get rid of the headaches, so as a last resort I tried acupuncture.   It turns out that it should have been my first resort.
They are now controllable and don’t last nearly as long.   Dr. Stephanie is patient, and takes the time to talk with me so I can be treated properly.

-Willis N.


Patient Name: Jeff H.
Health Complaint: Chronic Shoulder Inflammation, Stiffness, Pain, Degenerative Joints

I was diagnosed with degenerative joints in both shoulders in 1996.   My shoulders had chronic inflammation for years.   After two opinions, I had sought a third from a specialist at Johns Hopkins, hoping for some relief from the stiffness and pain.   I had tried the anti-inflammatory drugs: Celebrex, Bextra, Alleve and a few others.   None had brought relief for the chronic inflammation.   I decided to try the acupuncture because I had nothing to lose and I had exploded and utilized all other options with no positive results.   My first treatment had brought immediate relief to my joints.   After three treatments I could not believe the pain and stiffness was relieved 95%… unbelievable!
The specialist at Johns Hopkins stated that I would just have to learn to deal with the chronic pain and try different anti-inflammatory drugs until I found something that would work for my condition.
Acupuncture is the only treatment that has brought relief to my body, has improved my flexibility and also my mobility.   There relief that Stephanie has brought me is a miracle.   The specialists I had consulted left me with no hope of relief other than pharmaceuticals that delivered no real results.   I do not understand how acupuncture works scientifically, but I do know it does work.

Jeff H.


Patient Name: Jane W.
Health Complaint: Chronic Neck and Shoulder Pain

When I came into Acupuncture Point, I suffered from chronic neck and shoulder pain that required almost daily use of Motrin (4 times a day) or on a very bad day, 1 or 2 Hydrocodone.   I also had intermittent swelling of my right knee with pain after a fall.
My neck and shoulder pain has diminished to the point that I rarely take any medicine for it.   I must say that it now is only occasionally uncomfortable when I overextend myself.   My knee no longer bothers me at all.
However, the most wonderful and unexpected side effect is how it has reduced my stress level and my responses to everyday stressors.   It has even helped my interactions with my co-workers and I don’t let the little things at work upset me anymore.   The acupuncture treatments keep my pain at bay, and my life more balanced.
I highly recommend Dr. Kaplan and acupuncture.

Jane W.


Patient Name: Chris S.
Health Complaint: Muscle and Joint Pain

Dr. Stephanie Kaplan has affected many areas:   the most impact is the overall place and balance I feel in my life.   The physical changes and improvements are extraordinary.   My muscle and joint pain are gone!   My TMS has also been eliminated.   My entire system is working better.   I’m happier and more relaxed in my personal and professional life.

Chris S.


Pain Relief-
Patient: Stephanie H.
Health Complaint: Post Motor Vehicle Accident Pain

Stephanie has provided me the relief I have sought from pain medication and muscle relaxers for over a year!   How Acupuncture has made a difference!
My family has noticed improvement in my mobility and flexibility; and most of all emotionally and mentally.
The treatments I’ve received provide me pain relief that has strengthened and increased the amount of “pain free” time I have each week.   I am so pleased.
Stephanie’s skill as an Acupuncturist is complemented by her caring manner.   I hate to even consider where I would be physically and emotionally without her expertise as my acupuncturist.
Thank god for her!

Stephanie H., RN


Patient: Nancy D.
Health Complaint: Pain Associated with Chemotherapy

I have been going to acupuncture for 6 weeks and it has helped me tremendously.  Having been diagnosed with breast cancer at age 39, I needed something to help me through my chemotherapy treatments.
Acupuncture has provided me with less fatigue and the ability to feel normal again while getting treatments.   I feel like walking on the beach again and doing fun things with my friends

Nancy D.


Patient Name: Lori M.
Health Complaint: Unable to Walk – Shattered Ankle

July 6, 2003, a day that will forever be in my memory.   I shattered my ankle and broke every bone.   I then spent six months in a wheel chair, moved up to a walker, advanced to a cane and underwent three surgeries.   All of this in just two short years.   Western medicine said there was nothing left to do except bone fusion or a fake ankle.   I am stubborn so I took the other option, live with the pain.
I was a skeptic of Acupuncture, but was talked into trying it by my husband.   Well just a few short weeks later I am here to tell you, I CAN WALK. A miracle you say? No! Just confidence and my chi in perfect harmony.
I am told that when I walk, you can hardly notice the limp.   My lower back pain has disappeared because I am no longer walking funny.   I can even wear cute shoes.
My Western doctor is impressed considering that I had the worst ankle break you can get and I am now WALKING!
I think back now and thank the good lord that I took the “other” option.   I thank my husband for talking me into my consultation with Dr. Stephanie.   I thank Dr. Stephanie for helping me.

Lori M.


Patient Name: Terrie P.
Health Complaint: Bone Spurs on Lower Back

Before acupuncture I was taking pain pills 3 or 4 times a day. I had tried taking inflammatory medicines but they all bothered my stomach. I even went to a pain management center where they gave me steroid injections. They didn’t work either. Working in the yard, something I used to enjoy, became a chore because I knew that it was going to hurt my back.
Since I started acupuncture treatment I am able to work in my hard and fish with no pain.   I am also completely off my pain medication.

Terrie P.



Patient Name: Herb H.
Health Complaint: Vertigo

On May of ’05 I was diagnosed with Labyrinthitis, infection of the inner ear canal which caused me to have vertigo. I was dizzy, imbalanced, and just feeling bad!
As the months passed I did get somewhat better, but I still felt horrible, my head felt heavy and I was generally imbalanced. Sitting still or lying down was when I felt the best.   Because of this I gained weight and continued to feel lazy.
The Doctor told me that it is possible that it may never go away .   That was two years ago and I was going down hill fast!
A friend recommended Dr. Stephanie Kaplan and Acupuncture and after doing some research on the effects it can have on vertigo I decided to give it a try.   After three or four treatments I could already see a change in my problem .   I started to feel better and my balance improved.   My headaches were gone after the fourth treatment as well as the heaviness in my head.
I have been continuing treatment for the past few months and now I am off the couch, doing work around the house and in the yard.   I like my job at Bogue Inlet Pier and no longer have take frequent rest breaks.   I feel better, am eating better, and am loosing weight.   I can now walk everyday and am able to return to my love of cooking.
I am truly impressed as to how Acupuncture has helped me.   In summary, I thank God for Acupuncture, and also the professional expertise of Stephanie Kaplan.

Herb H. of Swansboro, N.C.